2017/02/02 – Anderson / Tugwell Main area

Midweek ride as the weather is supposed to deteriorate, and the opportunity arose. We managed to “re-find” the “Tugwell Spur”, without going through the active logging on the east (mainline) end of the spur.


Short video showing the “right” line for crossing Muir Creek:

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2017/01/28 – Muir Creek Crossing

Bigger group, six riders, 3 hardcore and 3 newer. The big story was that we crossed Muir creek.

The lesser story was “How to mix the newer riders in?” I’m not at all sure we got it right. They kept saying they were doing fine, but I’m still inclined to think we overdid it.

(edit: see 2017/02/02 for the “right” line through the crossing.)

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2017/01/21 Muir Powerlines, Kirby Creek to Jacob Creek with Bjorn

Most of the local crowd ran off to a motorcycle show on the mainland, so it was another weekend that was looking like I could be riding solo. Turned out Bjorn was looking to ride in West Sooke, so we arranged to meet at the stick-in-the-mud. And after setting that up, a “to be left nameless” rider also committed to the rendezvous.

Just a couple of dirty bikes… Up Anderson Rd.

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2017/01/15 – Tugwell E with Bob Jeffs and Mike Ryan

An easy loop, based on on the Tugwell East loop, but we crossed the creek and exited via Anderson Rd.

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2017/01/07 – Anderson Rd with Luke


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2017/01/02 – Tugwell E -> Two Lakes with Luke and Brendon

An interesting and challenging ride north out of the east side of the Tugwell East area. Turns out we were less than a km from crossing the track Luke and I did 4 days ago… Not that it would have done us any good, we turned back then because we were unsure we could get out if we kept going. Same situation today… and both would have been “intermediate” if the weather was dry.


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Tugwell E revisited (in the snow), with Colin Beck

I’ve been suggesting/promoting Tugwell East as a logical beginner Dual-Sport ride, and since I hadn’t been there for a few months, and the snow is limiting riding areas, it seemed a good time to go re-visit it.


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