2017/12/03 With Colin Beck and others, Shawnigan to Sooke (again).

Saturday night came, the Sunday forecast looked good, and the only open ride invite I could see was Colin’s, so I made plans to join him (e.g. set an alarm to get up early). Dan stopped into Serious Coffee (the meet-up) to warm his hands, and decided to join us instead of doing a solo road trip on his Ducati Scrambler. Dave (DT-200) and Mark (KTM-350) were part of the expected crowd. (Colin and I are on DRZ-400’s).

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This week
Last week - with Gerry

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2017/11/25 – Shawnigan to West Sooke with Gerry Kramer

A surprisingly long (tiring) ride from Kapoor through to East Main.

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2017/11/18 – Back up Boneyard

Didn’t have the bike back together in time for the nice forecast on Friday, so slipped out on Saturday before the Sunday rains. Checked the Butler gate and it was open (for hunting season)? .. so ran up there.

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2017/11/10 – Muir to East Main with Bob and Jodi

A quick “easy” ride taking advantage of a break in the weather.

I put “easy” in quotes because it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I’ve done the connection between Muir north and East Main many times, some of them “at speed”. But on this ride, the track was freshly covered with a thick layer of wet leaves, which added an element of difficulty.


Nanaimo Lakes -> Lake Cowichan, Hill 60 — 2017/10/28-29

So, the Nanaimo Lakes “second lake gate” is apparently open for hunting season (9-5 on weekends, or something like that). That’s an old “classic dual-sport” route, so I jumped at the chance to ride it.

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2017/10/15 – Back to West Sooke.

I haven’t been entirely happy with the sound of the bike since I put the new rings in. Not sure if it is just normal valve noise, or if I botched something. (edit: not enough cam chain tension.) But the forecast said we were going to get one nice day, so despite having something of a cold, I loaded the bike and went for a ride in west sooke.

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2017/09/10 – Recovering from the interior ride (more greasy fingers)

Yeah, I haven’t written up the interior ride yet, partly because my head is wrapped up in fixing the bike. I lost the rear brake (master wouldn’t hold pressure), that was easily fixed by swapping in the master from the kick-start bike… but the motor is more of a problem…

Cylinder head, nearly ready for removal. (Starting to think I’ve seen this view entirely too often.)

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2017 Interior Ride (Aug 20th -> 31st – 2017/08/20)

The annual David Williams “long ride”. Much of BC was covered in forest fires and smoke, so we rode south of the expected track. We met at Larry’s place in near Everett, then east through northern Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and back home through BC.


See http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/10-days-to-play-late-summer-17.1256499/ for the full writeup.