2021/09/05 – Tansky with Greg

Both Greg and I had cause to be out in the West Sooke direction, so we met up for another ride at Tansky. I forgot the GPS and didn’t take many pictures (newer GoPro should arrive soon!). But Greg apparently logged the track and took a few shots which he has published in Relive … https://www.relive.cc/view/v1Ow3KWy4XO

As you can see from the track, we did get a little lost in the loops and short cuts of Top Gun, and then I couldn’t remember exactly where the FM trail was. It was a good ride, we rode hard, and I am sore the day after. (just some pix in the extras).

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2021/08/22 – Return to Tansky

Chris organized a few guys to head back out to Tansky. Some good technical riding. The highlight was probably Greg and I running up “FM” to meet Colin and Chris who wanted to ride down it. Tansky is always technical, and I haven’t had a chance to ride like that for a long time — lots of rear wheel sliding through turns, lots of go big or go home, oh, and lots of yellow jackets too :(

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2021/08/01 and 02 – Tahsis and return home

I spent the saturday exploring around Tahsis and returned to Cougar Creek. Sunday included some exploring and the grind home.

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Delivery – Take Dad’s boat (Tropic Isle) up to Nootka for Brian 2021/07/27 -> 31

So, I finally got a chance to go up the west coast with my Dad (good), and I even got to take the motorbike (good). Unfortunately we were delivering the boat because health issues have pushed him into selling it (bad), but it is staying in the family as a cousin bought it (good).

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2021/07/25 – Devin and James Truck Rd 8

just a place holder. This was a good run/loop. We came out on PMR. I will be curious to see what state the route/connection is in after a year. We also tucked into Robertson Falls from the south side, which is why I found this missing blog (I wanted to add the trail to OSM).