2019/06/15 – A couple hours at Tansky – with Dean, Gerry, James, Luke

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2019/06/07-09 – 2 night loop with LIRC campsite

Took off on Friday with James and Devin, returned exhausted on Sunday. Great ride.

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2019/06/01-2 Tansky

Camped out Saturday night with James at the end of W 30, then helped Andy with trail work. We did get a good downhill run in, which I might get to editing.

The trail work was hard. Started off carrying scaffolding into candy-cane lane. Then we did some work in a creek bed, which promptly got nick-named comealong creek. That was still hard, but felt better, crowbar work shaping the bank, and then some heavy duty work shifting some big rocks:

… I could/should have done a _much_ better job of the time-lapse, but I started the video too late (and it wasn’t even my idea to start it), and turned it off too soon (missed the infill). By the time we finished it was “ridable on a good day” with a DRZ.

While I’m here, I might as well drop this little GPX track. This is a chunk of Tansky that isn’t too hard as a downhill (north to south) on a DRZ-400. There’s one little chunk of rock garden (if you find yourself going up a long ugly rock garden, you missed a turn). The upper left is marked as “West Loop” on the site map, and is also useful as a by-pass for the N500 gate (not that it is really needed). You _can_ head west on the JDF ridge route from the N500 gate, that’s certainly do-able on big bikes, but having a buddy for any of this is a good idea.

2019/05/24-26 – Too Long Days

This didn’t really come off the way it was billed, which makes some sense, the goal was two very long days of dirt riding, covering some significant distance. It was also billed as big bike friendly, and “no one will get left behind”. A small group of good riders might have been able to do the original planned course in the given time, but when you start throwing novice riders into the mix, the situation changes. As it was, the weather crossed Harrison East off the “rideable” list, and there was a crash which soaked up a few more hours. We ended up arriving late and covering a fraction of the planned terrain. Which isn’t to say it wasn’t fun, it was.

2019/05/19 – Sooke to Shawnigan – with James and Johny

James said Johny wanted to take a 450L demo bike out for a dual-sport ride. I wasn’t keen on the Sooke to Shawnigan ride, as much of it is fairly boring mainline… but I agreed to go to the rendezvous and decide from there whether to go solo or with the group at that point.

It ended up being a fine ride. A little warm up detour through the edge of the Clark Rd area. Entrance at the far end of Muir, up Muir, East main, Butler to Williams Creek main. A spirited run up that to Kapoor. East on Kapoor to some of Devin’s single track and some messing about to cross Hank’s highway and exit on Kapoor hill / Kapoor.

Andy White on his Aprilla, Ross ? on a DR 650, Ed on a 690, Gareth on a DRZ, Johny on the 450L, plus James and myself.

2019/04/21 – JDF ridge / Tansky – solo

I’d hoped to get out camping this weekend, but it didn’t happen. Instead I got out and spent Sunday exploring … looking for the ideal camping spot I should have spent the previous night at…

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2019/04/14 – LIRC dirt ride, led by Peter, Prevost/Sicker/Hill 60/Hillcrest

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2019/03/24 – Tansky (solo)

I was back out at Tansky clearing with Andy, but it was a short day, so I got some good riding/exploring in.

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