2019/12/01 – West Shawnigan with Chris and co.

Another quick ride up in the Shawnigan area. Touched on the ITSC area and ran north.

Big event was dropping the bike on Kapoor, hitting the gearshift and popping the circlip, which resulted in the shift lever shaft not engaging with the shift drum. End of day for me. If I’d had X-ray vision, we could have fixed it on the trail. Limped home in 2nd or 3rd gear. It hasn’t been a good few months for me mechanically :( .

2019/11/24 – Oliphant with a bunch of DRZs.

Six in fact. Six DRZ’s, a DR-350 (the predecessor bike), and a WR-250R.

Chris took us up to see a hang-glider launch site that most/many of us did not know about. That included a chunk of new ATV trail I hadn’t seen before. I tried to connect some of the old single track runs, but there is so much new falling that my routes weren’t working out all that well.

Anyhow, a good day!

Colin, myself, Devin, Chris, Brendan, James, and Gerry. Rob T not shown as he’s taking the picture.

I missed last weekend, as apparently the float valve in the Mikuni is leaking, and I had it on Alex’s bike for a week or two with the manual petcock… which I must have left on. Anyhow, I suffered the classic “will not idle hot” symptom and had about 2.1 liters of mixed oil/gas in the crankcase. My main bike is still down from the broken subframe maintenance, as the linkage bearings only showed up today (sunday!?).

2019/11/09 – Oliphant with Trent from Wanduro

Trent posted in dualsportbc, looking for a Nanaimo guide. I took him up into the Oliphant area the next day, while he was heading from Victoria to Nanaimo.

It wasn’t the longest ride, and the forecast was lousy. We lucked out and didn’t really get anything other than 110% humidity, but by the same token, there were no great views to show him.

2019/11/02-03 Sunset Dash (2nd annual)

A return to Heather Mtn for some more sunset shots.

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2019/10 Moab Day 3 (Gemini Bridges, Shafer Trail, and exploring off Long Canyon)

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Moab – Day 2 (Chicken Corners / Kane Creek) First day of riding

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2019/09/10->15 Elizabeth Mine — Another trip with James

I’d noticed a mine site off the Yalakom FSR when looking at the GPX track from the ride to the Loose Screw, and James was keen enough to go back and check it out. We also found some “new” track along Mission Ridge, and met up with Franky, Mladen and others at Laluwissin.

The mine site is the Elizabeth mine, the best info I found about it is here: http://minfile.gov.bc.ca/report.aspx?f=PDF&r=Minfile_Detail.rpt&minfilno=092O++012

The Mission Ridge track needs some work, as the East ends have gates. The gotcha is the steepness of the Bridge River canyon (there is only one bridge), and the long stretch of connected First Nations land. Both Cooma (main) and Ama Creek Rd are gated. So the route needs more research before being introduced as mainstream….

2019/09/08 – JDF ridge, W100 (loop) with Chris and Colin

I really didn’t expect this to come out as a loop, but it did, with a short hike to a fantastic tea-hut.

So, the surprise for me was that the W100 gate at Loss Creek was open.

There are pix (on FB), and I have video. They should come in the future. Was a nice no-nonsense ride with three similar bikes and riders.