2022/04/15 – Group Ride / Kapoor

A Chris ride, with Jammer and Devin in attendance. I just about missed this. I apparently dropped the EXC key while running errands in the van. After turning the house upside down I got on the DRZ and retraced my path in the van… and low and behold found the key.

I knew the guys were headed for Niki’s Nest, so I basically bee-lined it there. The (quick) ride out on Hank’s highway was through fairly hard hail. (Snowverload part 2!)

Fortunately I found them (leaving) at the top of the trail down to the Nest.

After that it was following Devin around, which pretty much ended after he took the group up some pretty technical stuff. (too technical?)

I certainly got a couple bruises and was darn sore by the time I got home. I did catch a good “autoclutches suck” rant on video as I failed to get up a steep bit, and instead did the roller coaster thing backward down it.

Having started late, instead of going straight home, I took a turn through the Oliphant area, which ended up with me scouting and clearing another extension to the endurance loop.

2022/03/05 – J50/SJA loop.

This ride was partly about seeing where the snow level was … and the answer to that was “indeterminate”.

So, the rough plan was a big clockwise loop which would double check a track Devin took me through way back, find out if the valley in J50 that holds the snow was clear (yes), and if there was snow on the north side of SJA (yes, but it was hard and easily ridden).

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