Quick Summary: 2020/08/13 to 08/23 – Victoria -> Merrit -> WANDR

The 2020 big trip. 10 days and 9 nights in a tent (plus the overnight bus trip back). Eventful. Clipped a car, lost a “gopro”, and the “bush mechanic” replaced a wheel bearing, front pads, and both tires. Great event.

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2020/08/08 – Hill 60 / Cowichan – by David B, with Richard, Les, and Geri

This was supposed to be a loop up towards Coronation Mountain and perhaps Brenton and HollyOak lake. Unfortunately we got blocked by a gate. Alternates were a bit of a toss-up, but we didn’t have time for a long day, so a big loop that didn’t take us too far “in” seemed in order. I got to see Chris’ new connection from Stoltz, although it is south of that sketchy Fair Service connector (I thought it was north, and would cut out that crossing).

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2020/07/12 – Oliphant with Dylan and Rob

“quick” run through Oliphant with Rob H and Dylan G. Good track, everyone sweated a bit, and the young guy even got tired. Despite the title, we did not get anywhere near the lake.

Ahh, right, south entrance (by the power lines) has been recently blocked.

2020/07/05 – “shawnigan east” with Mladen and others.

I still can’t believe we only had four riders show up when Mladen volunteered to lead a big bike ride on a Sunday. I had thought Jeff was going, but he was a no show. The two of them, in my books are kind of “the” local big bike riders… but I’m no racer, so my perceptions are probably whacked. Anyhow, Josh, Scott Mc, Mladen and myself made up the four riders running around Oliphant this day. Scott and Josh tired fairly early, and Mladen’s partner (Bobbi) was leading a “girls'” group aroound, so he and I let Scott and Josh run for home while we joined with the girls group.

While few would have called Josh or Scott fast, the girls group was _way_ slower. Still, I had fun and did get to see a new viewpoint I hadn’t seen (mid lake), and which is worth knowing. And as always, you get to work on different skills when forced to a different pace. Malahat was _slow_ with southbound (homeward) traffic, and so was Finlayson/Munn Rd. Spent time chasing cars while riding on the shoulder looking for ramps (sshh).