Mt Muir via Ranger Lake, with Luke and Brendon – 2016/12/04

Here’s a first, I did the video before the blog entry. “Struggle” is the word of the day. A fine ride, we rode our butts off and had a blast. (Broken GPX track due the GPS taking a swim.)


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Walker (not), with Luke, Gerry, Scott – 2016/11/27

A wet ride, led by Luke, with Gerry and Scott. Walker main did not work out.


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Ride with the face book folks… (DRZ) 2016/11/20

I better write this up before I forget the details, some memories do NOT last: running out of gas before getting to the rendezvous, two sprained ankles. Some memories will last, a great ride, new friends, etc.

Rendezvous... 9:30 am in
Rendezvous… 9:30 am in “downtown” Shawnigan Lake.

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Scouted Williams Creek – 2016/10/30

“Quick” ride out to Williams Creek, as the OSM maps seemed incomplete.

(In hindsight, this was my LAST RIDE on the KLR :( )

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Walker Main (+Bear Main, +J40?) 2016/10/22

Forecast said one day without rain, and it is on the weekend. Better ride, or I’ll be kicking myself. I wanted to ride up Walker and explore more on Bear Main.

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2016/10/01 Tahsis Bear watching trip (Sept 30 – Oct 3rd)

This was a pretty good/nice way to end the “bike camping” season.

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2016-09-17/18 – Molybdenite with Josh

An overnight trip up to Molybdenite Lake and a peak near Molybdenite peak. Was supposed to be 2 nights, but we got soaked riding out on the Saturday and it wasn’t fun, so when the Monday forecast looked bad, we did the “iron butt” thing and ran for home Sunday night.


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Mt Wood, with Kory… and we found Josh and Roland

Good ride. Plan was to take Kory (new dual sport rider) out for an introduction to some “more difficult than mainline” terrain. He did well … very well. Once we crossed paths with Roland and Josh (from the North Van Isle ride) … well, the terrain got far more technical than “introduction” level :)

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