Vic – Renfrew – Nitinat – Carmanah – Youbou – with Rick and Bob – 2016/07/02

It is time to start working out the camping routine. Figuring there is safety in numbers (less likely everyone forgets the same thing), I did not want to start this solo.

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Mt Wood (New boots) Again. Video. 2016/06/26

Back to Mt Wood again. Needed to try out some boots. Took the GoPro.

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Fallback. Powerlines by Kapoor and by Mt Wood. 2016/06/19

Fallback. I wanted to scout out more of that railway bed I was on during the Fleet 600 ride, but found the 6km gate on Kapoor Main closed. So I checked out some of the side trails off of Kapoor, as well as a little more of the power-line track up in the Mt Wood area.

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Mt Wood area with Tony – 2016/06/12

Tony started an email thread, asking if anyone wanted to ride this weekend (silly question :). Rick bailed, Wyatt couldn’t commit, Bob was out of town… so it ended up being Tony and me.

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Todd to Fleet 600

Another long day, but an ADVenture. This was a neat ride.

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Kapoor Main through to Lens Main / Pacific Marine Highway – 2016/05/08

Had some errands to run up in the Lake Cowichan direction, and had a day to spend, so I tried running due west out of Shawnigan…

Shawnigan / Mt Wood 2016/05/01

Skipped out for a couple hours, needed the break. Rode through the N end of the Mt Wood area looking for big bike access points.

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West of Muir – 2016/04/23

Chased the power lines West of Muir/Kirby. Ended up going up Sandcut Main and continuing West. Climbed “the matterhorn”.

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