Tugwell East again. 2016/01/25

I went back out to the same area I was yesterday. It was a good ride. I got to both the Tugwell creek “crossings” that I had noted before from the west side (one I found, one that I wanted to find).

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Luck … Tugwell East. 2016/01/24

After some hunting around (e.g. riding every road turning north off Otter Point Rd that was west of Butler)… I found my way into the Tugwell East area (luck == Good).

While messing around in there, I managed to ram/lance/joust a stump with my rear brake lever… which broke (luck == Bad).

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Tugwell/Anderson Rd – 2016/01/10

Went out again today. I don’t normally do back-to-back rides, but the forecast looks bad for next week. Went exploring the foot of Tugwell/Anderson area.

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Jordan River Main – Muir/Shirley. 2016/01/09

An interesting day. Met lots of people. I Started out trying to see if I could get far enough up North Main to see if I could look for alternate routes to the Jordan Ridge ATV trail shown in the backroads mapbook… no dice (snow), couldn’t even get to N300 let alone N500…

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Forebay and ?? 2016/01/03

This was a Good Day. Not the day I planned, but then I didn’t really plan it. I knew I wanted to ride, that was “the plan”.I rode the Forebay Rd (Jordan East) and a new section of roads quite a bit farther toward Port Renfrew.

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Boneyard. (Was supposed to be ‘closing the loop’.) 2015/12/30

Had a good ride. Ended up laying down a bunch of GPX tracks off of Boneyard main, but that was a fallback after the snow blocked my attempt to do the Butler, W Jordan, Kapoor loop.

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Kapoor Main / Shawnigan side Scouting. 2015/12/20

Christmas is about to descend on the home, and the forecast was for worse weather coming… if I was going to get out it needed to be today. I Went up to Shawnigan to see if I could get onto Kapoor Main. (I didn’t want to get there via the logging roads and then have to ride back through the logging roads.) Turns out to be trivial… at least from a navigation point of view. It rained, it snowed, there was riding on mud and snow, it was kinda ugly, and fun in warped way. I needed to stop in Shawnigan on the way back and warm up….

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Tugwell MainLine – challenging. 2015/12/16

Rode up Tugwell today. Got a late start, and these days are short, so (as expected) I ran out of daylight before running out of go juice (not completely true) or places to explore. The north end of Tugwell (beyond the recent logging) is surprisingly technical. A number of creek crossings, some lengths of washed out road. A concrete barrier in the middle of some not-smooth ground with gaps that are not much wider than the crash bars on the bike, a bridge that was probably decommissioned (ripped out).

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Muir Main – 2015/11/22

Had a reasonable ride on Sunday, gpx trace below (in blue)… basically through Blueberry flats and up Muir Main. The red trace is from don’s adventure travel (Hidden alligator lake ride #3), and was part of the logic behind this particular route. (Green traces are other days, some of them later.)

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