2019/01/19 – Informal dirt ride with some LIRC folks

Got out on the Saturday with a couple other light bikes and “less timid” riders. Weather forecast was for showers until 2-3pm and then clearing. Well it wasn’t bad while we were riding, but got drenched riding home.

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2019/01/13 – Alex’s LIRC dirt ride.

Alex posted on facebook: “Anyone want to do some dual sporting this weekend? I’d like to follow someone around the trails” … there ended up being a dozen riders :).

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2018/12/30 quick “pre-ride” with Chris and Michael

Chris wanted to lay out an “easy” new-years-day (NYD) dirt ride that would be doable by big bikes (although perhaps not by newbies on big bikes).

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2018/12/08 Solo ride, cracked rib

Having missed the big ride on Saturday, I wasn’t going to stay home Sunday.

2018/12/02 Run around Kapoor, met Alex

Playing catch up on posts. I can’t remember why I was solo this day. I was running around the near end of Kapoor, possibly trying to find a way west to Mt Lazar… ran across a brit on a little KTM 150 two stroke.

2018/11/24 – Long ride … up the backside and around Mt Todd, with James, John, Mike

Trying to play catch up. This was a good run, some snow on the back (north) side of Mt Tood, some new terrain, and lots of revisited track. We did run low on both gas and time.

Mike, James and Joh at the coffee shop rendezvou

I have video, but that’s the only still picture.

2018/11/18 – Up Kapoor with John

This was mostly about exploring stuff in the Kapoor area. It ended up being a reasonably short day, and we ran some serious distance down some un-explored tracks. Mt Lazar was our first goal, but a watershed gate ended that plan… May try again from nearer the start of Kapoor. Oh, and I ran through Oliphant on the way home, half looking for the Chris and his LIRC crowd.

2018/11/17 – Cowichan, Stoltz …

I buggered off with the big camera and a list of things I wanted to see/explore/photograph. I did see the sea lions in Cowichan Bay. The Holt main gate was closed, which cost me the better part of an hour (running south to it, then back north to go around it). I did cover the “new to me” roads between Skutz falls and Stoltz main, and mapped some new tracks.