Thumbs down – Pivot Works Fork Rebuild Kit – PWFFK-S02-400 (for the DRZ 400S)

I should have known, but I did not … it really was too easy.

I didn’t need the fork seal driver to install the Pivot Works “fork oil seal” … which I installed shortly before the Whiskey Creek hare scramble.

After the hare scramble, I had fork oil all over the place… and I probably didn’t have much of a front brake during the race, not that there was enough traction to use a front brake.

That’s not saying that all my handi-caps came from a “less than perfect” aftermarket kit. I didn’t understand how/what the check valves were, and with my heavily worn suspension, I didn’t get them put together right, so I had effectively NO rebound damping. I figured that out on the 2nd disassembly, which DID fix a stiction issue.

… but it took a 3rd look, where I tried using an old OEM oil seal, to see the difference in fit. I’m pretty sure that’ll be the fix. Unfortunately I’ve only got one seal at the moment.

… which is a long way of saying “I’m still learning”, but not all my errors are “mine”.

(And yes, I did double check the product. This was my June 14 F9 order … I probably jumped some hoops to get the Pivot Works rebuild kit, as I prefer their product for swingarm bearings.)