TO RIDE – ideas

I need a place to store ride ideas. This is mostly places that I haven’t ridden yet.

Some of these are obvious. Some are less so. Looking overĀ  un-edited video from some of my solo rides (less likely to ever be edited), most of the rides I remember as “best” were the exploring ones.

  • Stoltz/Holt Main to Skutz Falls. I’ve done the end of Stoltz Main and lots of rides from the Skutz Falls bridge, but I’ve never filled in the area from the N end of K-line through to Skutz Falls bridge, should be a loop in there. Easy (if not overgrown as the tracks South of Pete’s Pond were the last time I went through).
  • Go back to trying for Stoltz <-> Robertson connections. Probably best to explore from Stoltz side. Could be easy, could be hard, depends who goes and what they want to ride. On the Stoltz ride I declined to cross some ditches, I did push through a lot of (wet) branches.
  • Copper Canyon, never been, probably best to go with with a guide.
  • North Main (Tansky area). I’ve never run this road very far, partly because it’s just so far out that I don’t get out there unless I’m already on a mission. Easy.

Lower priorities (revisit)

  • Mt Valentine “by-pass”. Luke and I tried to run along the SW side of Mt Valentine… should be able to get from the midway point on West Jordan to the mine site and come out way down Butler. Anyhow, Luke and I pushed through about 150m of alder trees before turning back since the next intersection was several kilometers down the road, but the satelliteĀ  images suggest we only had about 300m of alder. That track north of Butler is “always good”, it’s a twisty narrow logging road in pretty good shape. (Considered this 2018/04/21 – but they’re actively working at the bridge over Jordan River, NW of Mt Valentine.)
  • Walker Main <-> J40 or down to Williams Creek main.


  • Jordan Ridge ATV trail.
  • Nicky’s Nest. I think I know about where it is, but I’ve never been there. The whole area is good (North of Kapoor, part way up the “Kapoor hill”, number of entrances are restricted with the new tank traps). On the hard/technical end of the scale. (DONE with Luke 2018/04/21.)
  • Maid Lake and/or Fleet 600 again. Only been through there a couple times and there’s more to revisit on both sides of Fleet. (Done with Garry (2018/06/17), and then we went to do it again with Adam, James, and John but the logging co had taken out the bridge (2019/09/29).
  • Back / other side of Mt Todd (2018/11/24).