TO RIDE – ideas

I need a place to store ride ideas. This is mostly places that I haven’t ridden yet.

Some of these are obvious. Some are less so. Looking over  un-edited video from some of my solo rides (less likely to ever be edited), most of the rides I remember as “best” were the exploring ones.

  • Try to connect to Tansky from Walker/Bear Main?
  • WORK PARTY – re-open J40 or J40 to Williams creek main? On that note, I haven’t been up Walker in ages.
  • Mt Valentine “by-pass” (plural). I’ve tried twice to run up the west side of Valentine. Once with Luke, and once with Gary. With Gary we got blocked by new falling/slash, with Luke we just didn’t push far enough into the alder (which was probably under the slash on the 2nd try).
  • Chris/Colin say that valentine main goes through. I got “lost” in there on the “it sucked” ride. The GPS lead me down a number of overgrown routes.
  • Check out the creek crossing that intercepts the route between the Matterhorn and the “jacob creek crossing” leading to Kirby (not actually Jacob creek at that point, it flows the wrong way). Way back I wanted to test the Z-drag system there… but it would be good to have an alternate route through the plank road that didn’t require running past all those deactivation blocks.
  • I’ve never done the lower part of chemainus main, and I’m not sure what “copper canyon” actually means. (I’ve been Hill-60 to Chemainus main MANY times.)
  • North Main (Tansky area). I’ve never run this road very far, partly because it’s just so far out that I don’t get out there unless I’m already on a mission. Easy.
  • Robertson East – falls. I’ve never actually made it out to see these.
  • Butter Church (non dirt) / Duncan. I need to see this / get a few pix.

Lower priorities (revisit):

  • Stoltz/Holt Main to Skutz Falls. I’ve done the end of Stoltz Main and lots of rides from the Skutz Falls bridge, but I’ve never filled in the area from the N end of K-line through to Skutz Falls bridge, should be a loop in there. Easy (if not overgrown as the tracks South of Pete’s Pond were the last time I went through). (2019 – I’ve ridden south through there once.)
  • Walker Main <-> J40 or down to Williams Creek main.

Farther away / camping:

-Virgin Falls, which is out Tofino way.


  • Stoltz <-> Robertson connections, trivial now, new road there.
  • Jordan Ridge ATV trail.
  • Nicky’s Nest. I think I know about where it is, but I’ve never been there. The whole area is good (North of Kapoor, part way up the “Kapoor hill”, number of entrances are restricted with the new tank traps). On the hard/technical end of the scale. (DONE with Luke 2018/04/21.)
  • Maid Lake and/or Fleet 600 again. Only been through there a couple times and there’s more to revisit on both sides of Fleet. (Done with Garry (2018/06/17), and then we went to do it again with Adam, James, and John but the logging co had taken out the bridge (2019/09/29).
  • Back / other side of Mt Todd (2018/11/24).