Tugwell E revisited (in the snow), with Colin Beck

I’ve been suggesting/promoting Tugwell East as a logical beginner Dual-Sport ride, and since I hadn’t been there for a few months, and the snow is limiting riding areas, it seemed a good time to go re-visit it.


Sigh. That probably isn’t the best “custom thumbnail” I could have chosen. It is from the optional section of the ride, and rougher than the mainline. Ten feet off the shot to the right is the most difficult part of the optional leg, a short but steep descent into the ATV trail… so, If you’re part of the intended beginner audience, pretend you didn’t see that or read this paragraph :) … and remember to skip the optional leg.

One thing that I didn’t mention in the video, but which is clear if you look for it… is that the Ural was way more comfortable (faster) in the snow than the DRZ, and of course, the reverse was true on the bare road. Yes, the DRZ has newer knobbier tires and didn’t need a push getting up the hill, but that extra stability of the sidecar (and Colin’s skill in handling it) was pretty impressive.

Between the GPX track and the video, I don’t think there is much story left to tell.

There was an ugly scene on the optional leg. Colin was being fairly careful over some rough/sharp rock, so I noticed a pair of eagles flying in the trees… then a couple more, then some ravens… at which point my brain went “scavengers, where is the carcass?” And there was one. It looked like something left behind by a hunter. Not pretty.

bikes at tugwell crossing.
Tugwell Creek is relatively low, crossing would be easy.
Frozen spray on the branches over the creek.
Ural and DRZ on snowy road. (click for big)
I would have sworn I’ve ridden up the road that is now broken by this decommissioned bridge… but perhaps not. Yeah, 2016/01/25 was as close as I seem to have gotten.
Colin Beck on a stump overlooking a creek I stopped to get a drink out of (same place as the broken bridge).
Nicer shot of Ural and DRZ on hill, by Colin.
Tom on the DRZ and Colin’s Ural. By Colin.