Tugwell Spur with Tony, 2016/03/27

Wow. That was a rush. Perhaps a bit too much of a rush, but you don’t know the limits until you hit them. Some scratches, but no real harm done…

We stopped to take a picture of the Anderson rd gate. Then went into to ride the MX style gravel tracks on the other side. Then, instead of going to Muir as planned, we went in and road the Tugwell spur that had yelled “ride this with Tony” at me when I first rode it. Well we rode it. We rode it pretty darn quick. It is NOT an easy ride and we made good time. It wasn’t perfect (I had a drop), but we were pretty pumped from doing well on the hard ride.

We crossed the creek, and things got harder. The GPX track says we actually got quite a ways. There was a challenge immediately across the creek, and we got through it, and a few more. In fact, things didn’t get all that bad (no drops?) until after the 2nd creek crossing (tiny creek this time, didn’t even pause for it). At which point things got really slow with lots of drops. We walked up the road a fair way, until we found another challenge that looked to be in the “not fun” category and turned around.

In retrospect, we should have recognized fatigue earlier and turned back sooner (first crossing?)… we probably could have ridden a fair bit more trail if we hadn’t pushed the limits so hard… and there certainly is lots of unexplored trail out there.

Pictures… as always, click on the image for the bigger version that isn’t squished by wordpress.

The Anderson gate.
Anderson gate – alternate view
Lunch stop/spot.
One of many drops
Enough is Enough.
Play time. MX like tracks behind the gate. Tony in a recovery.
More “play time” a bit farther in.
“Going Home”