Walker Main (+Bear Main, +J40?) 2016/10/22

Forecast said one day without rain, and it is on the weekend. Better ride, or I’ll be kicking myself. I wanted to ride up Walker and explore more on Bear Main.

The plan was to come out via Kapoor, but I didn’t know if the gate was open, and some guys I met mentioned going back via East Main… which makes for a nice big loop. Of course, knowing there was an easier track from Butler to East Main (than the one Joel and I took) helped with that decision. Not sure I could get the KLR up there by myself in the wet season, but getting down it was no big deal.

As the track shows, I went in via Muir, crossed over to Butler. Ran into Francois and Dan. They had “real” bikes (more enduro like)… anyhow met them where East Main should meet Butler. They both had a VERY good knowledge of the area’s roads. (Dan used to log uo there.) Ran with them up to the end of Walker, at which point I took the scary looking road to the North (right) … which turned out to be fairly easy and in good shape, and which led me down into the roads I was on just before the big 10 day ride. Which was good and bad. Last time I was there I was trying to go NW, and this exit is to the SW. It also meant that if I wanted to run that scary ridge/collapsing bridge, I could have a nice loop. I declined that option, explored a bit but got tired of being swatted by alder branches and back-tracked to go back to the original plan of exploring Bear Main.

Bear is interesting. The road is fairly new, and in pretty good shape… which is strange, because you can only get to it via Walker Main, which is NOT in good shape. First time I was there I was fairly sure there must have been another exit. Why would the logging co build nice new roads without maintaining the connecting roads? So much for logic :(

Did run into another example of a “distinctive” chunk of road.

Road Slide
Road Slide

There are a couple big panos of that in the gallery. There’s also a nice 360 panorama of Bear Creek upstream from the dam/reservoir but it won’t work here in wordpress.

As usual, I headed back because I was running out of time on the clock, and kinda realized I was more than a bit tired. Anyhow, was probably 4:30pm before I started heading for home. Ran back down Bear Main, Walker Main, Butler to the “junction” with East Main, … e.g. off the edge of the road/cliff to East Main. I’d forgotten how bumpy East Main is. That’s where I shook the starter ring bolts out of place to rattle around inside the DRZ (gotta get that back together soon). All down East Main back to the highway. Found a trail that _might_ have given me a view of the Elliot Dam … but it was pretty steep and wet. Rode down the steep part, didn’t want to walk the wet part, and wasn’t 100% sure I could get the bike back up the steep part… so instead of riding on the wet part I rode back up.  (My riding boots? They aren’t water proof, and they STINK when they get wet. Need a boot dryer.)  Anyhow, aside from the mess of road that East Main is, it was basically a bee-line home.

Still, it was good to get back out. After all the overnight rides, it was nice to see that a day trip can still be fun… even if the couple hours on pavement is a headache.

(Found some more pix, I don’t use the Lumix camera much and forgot to unload it.)

Wye Lake? As seen from southgoing spur?
Wye Lake? As seen from southgoing spur?
Twisted Rock... right by the road slide
Twisted Rock… right by the road slide
Road slide... e.g. thinks you don't want to find around the corner :)
Road slide… e.g. thinks you don’t want to find around the corner :)