Walker (not), with Luke, Gerry, Scott – 2016/11/27

A wet ride, led by Luke, with Gerry and Scott. Walker main did not work out.


This was a fun ride. No question about that. It was a more typical ride than the previous weekend as it had a fair amount of “easy” riding in it, and to balance that, it had some truly difficult riding in it. (The previous ride had a surprisingly high amount of “interesting” track with little easy or difficult.) Scott and Gerry both declined to take their 800’s up to Boulder Lake. Scott had some mechanical challenges (clutch and a flat [+ rim dent]), Gerry got the award for the most downs (including at least one [splash :-] on video).

The ride up Butler to Walker main was easy (except for the Boulder Lake detour), but Walker main was “closed until further notice”. The fallers had been in there and the bottom of the clearcut included more than a few trees across the road. We backtracked¬† back to the N end of East Main (an “interesting” connection), and then down East main to the trail to Alligator Lake/Muir Main. Luke brought us out of Muir Main via the single track trails I have ridden before. Again, that was pretty hard on Gerry/Scott (the 800s)… for me on the smallest bike, well let us just say I split from the group at the end and re-rode the single track. (The hard enduro guys say you gotta master the slow stuff… and that is _slow_ stuff.)

Pix. I have a fair amount of video (not yet edited), but the only shot I took was this one:

Just in case there is an
Just in case there is an “after”, it is always nice to have a “before” shot. Scott, Gerrit/Gerry, Luke
“old guy and rat bike” … by Gerrit … probably shot to demonstrate that Walker Main is un-disputably closed for the near future.
A still I posted to the pacific dual sport riders group... Gerry trying to
A still (from video) I posted to the pacific dual sport riders group… Gerry trying to “make time” through the Butler to East Main connection.

And that seems to be it for the multi-media until I get some video edited.

Ah right… that GPX track at the top. We went in Butler and came out Muir… except that I doubled back, and after some messing about went W (via Kirby and the power lines) and came out on Tieulie Place (beside French Beach market … gate was even open). Even caught up with the group at the pub :)