Working on a friends KLX

A few pix worth showing.

So, it started off with this, an ignition switch I had sitting in the spares box. “I’ve got a bad ignition switch, can you replace it? All the shops are busy.” Easy enough. And it was. Then we swapped out the dead battery, and …. it cranked over fine, but wouldn’t run.
Brought it home in the van. Seat off, we’ve got spark, and compression (bike has 35,000 km on it, so I was worried that the rings were in worse shape than they appear to be). Ran with starting fluid, so time to drain the carb and try some fresher gas. That worked.
Except that I happened to notice a little magic smoke leaking from just above the battery box. Yeah, that’s not good/right. Fortunately I had an old wiring harness and know how to take connectors apart.
Not “new”, but WAY better.
I didn’t want to return the bike and have it misbehave a day/week/month later, so giving the carb a bit of clean seemed like a very good idea. I swapped out those green jets, and upsized the main jet to 145 from 140, and replaced the valve seat O-ring.
And he wanted me to check over the swing-arm and linkage bearings. Linkage bearings seemed ok, but they got some more grease. Turns out the swing arm wouldn’t “swing” on its own, it was so badly corroded.
Obligatory pix from when my supervisor came to check my work.
Did you use the torque wrench on that subframe bolt?
How come the mirrors are never set right?